Scientia Hair Fibers

“Amazing 30 Second Hair Makeover Can Make You Look 10 Years Younger!”

Scientia Hair Fibers Before and After

Whilst you are waiting for your hair restoration product to take effect (either the Scientia DermaRoller or the Scientia Hair Laser), you can now use Scientia Hair Fibers to get the appearance of a significantly fuller head of hair in less than a minute. No one will be able to tell that the hair isn’t yours, even from as close a distance as a few inches.

Regain Your Confidence and Feel Great About Yourself Again!

Scientia Hair Fibers are a fantastic development. They consist of tiny strands of 100% pure organic keratin, which lock on to your existing hair with electrostatic. The hair fibers blend seamlessly with your existing hair.

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Hair immediately looks fuller and thicker and the scalp’s visibility is reduced, enabling you to look up to 10 years younger. Because these tiny hair-building fibers are made of 100% organic keratin, the colours cannot fade, smear or run.

Scientia Hair Fibers are resilient against wind, rain, snow and sweat. Apply the fibers to your existing hair while styling it, then apply our specially formulated fixing spray, and immediately you will have the appearance of a full, thick head of hair.

As soon as you’re done applying the fibers, you will see a dramatic increase in your hair’s density and volume, and a dramatic decrease in visible balding areas.

Scientia Hair Fiber Before and After Pictures

Scientia Hair Fibers are designed for use by both men and women and are available in 7 shades to match your existing hair perfectly.

If you suffer from a receding hairline, male pattern baldness, female hair loss or a bald spot, Scientia Hair Fibers can give an ideal result.

Customer Feedback:

“It was as if I had a hair transplant in 15 seconds! Simply Amazing”
Jonathan Baard – Toronto, ON

“I am downright ecstatic that Scientia Hair Fibers do exactly what you say. It was so easy to use; the results were immediate and amazing. My thinning hair was completely reversed before my eyes, and no one was able to tell the difference”
Victor Jones – Brampton, ON.

“I have been using Scientia Hair Fibers for the past few weeks, I can’t believe how easy it is to use and how spectacular the results are. It takes me 30 seconds every morning, and the results last all day!”
Mike Oswald – Newmarket, ON

“Scientia transformed me into a new person, after just one application. I am so glad that I have this brilliant product to change my outlook on my life”
Mark Walters – Mississauga, ON

Before and After Scientia Hair Fibers

How Do I Use Hair Thickening Fibers?

To apply, hold the container around 4 to 5 inches over the area which requires coverage and shake gently. Thousands of hair fibers perfectly matching your colouring will instantly secure themselves to your existing hair. Even ultrafine villus hairs will attract a covering of electrostatically charged fibers, making them appear to be regular hair.

Apply Scientia Hair Fibers

Continue styling your hair as usual. To fix the fibers in place, use the hair locking spray we offer along with the fibers. Using different brands of hair spray may work, although our own spray is formulated specifically to achieve the best results.

The fibers will fix themselves to your hair so securely that they will not be displaced, even in the strongest wind. Sports or exercise is not a problem, as the fibers are resistant against both sweat and rain. To remove hair fibers, wash them away with ordinary shampoo.

Get your own Scientia Hair Fibers Today!

Are Hair Fibers safe?

Yes. The hair fibers‘ 100% pure, natural keratin formula will not cause irritation. Your own hair is also made of keratin protein. The application of fibers has no effect on your scalp whatsoever.

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Can Hair Thickener Fibers Affect My Natural Hair Growth?

No. Keratin Hair Fibers hide any thinning patches or baldness whilst your hair is being restored by any hair restoration product (we recommend the Scientia Derma Roller or the Scientia Hair Laser to help you look and feel good whilst you’re awaiting your natural hair to regrow).

Due to the fact that over 2500 clinical studies have published positive results for low-level laser therapy, we believe that the Scientia Hair Laser is the most effect treatment method for hair re-stimulation.

Can the Hair Fibers Get On My Clothes?

Hair Fibers are very easy to apply and should not get on your clothes. If they do, you can just brush them off with your hands and watch them disappear without any difficulty.

Before and After Scientia Hair Building Fibers

What If the Weather Gets My Hair Wet?

Scientia Hair Fibers attach themselves securely to your own hair as soon as they are applied. Because of this, snow, winds or even heavy rain cannot make them run or become noticeable. To remove the fibers, simply shampoo them out.

What About Exercise?

As the hair fibers are also impervious to sweat, you can exercise and play sports without worrying that the fibers will become detached or detectable in any way.

Can I Sleep with Hair Fibers Still in My Hair?

Sleeping with Hair Fibers in is not a problem. You may find a few strands on your pillow the next morning, but you may dust these off with your hand.

Before and After Scientia Hair Thickening Fibers

Can I Run My Hands Through My Hair?

Feel free! Scientia Hair Fibers disperse evenly throughout your hair, wherever you have applied them. Once they have bonded with your hair and have locked on with the locking mist we offer, running your fingers through your hair will not displace the fibers.

Is It Possible for Others to Detect Hair Fibers?

In our experience, you can inspect a scalp treated with Hair Fibers from as close as just a couple of inches away and it is still impossible to tell that the fibers aren’t natural hair. Even your hairdresser or barber won’t notice. In fact, one of our team is a former West-End and Central London Hair Stylist, and she was amazed at how realistic the cover was. So much so, she couldn’t see that it wasn’t real hair!

Male Hair Loss Before and After Scientia Hair Thickening Fibers

Is This Hair Fiber product unique?

Be wary of imitations which use cheap synthetic ingredients instead of our 100% natural, organic keratin. Some brands may contain rayon, cotton, nylon or other non-keratin ingredients. Some of these ingredients can potentially irritate the scalp, or the colours can fade or smudge. If you’re looking for an undetectable product which gives the appearance of thicker, fuller looking hair with lasting volume, then you should always choose Scientia Hair Fibers.

Also beware of 10g or 12.5g bottles – we supply Scientia Hair Fibers in 25g containers, so you get better value for money.

Get your own Scientia Hair Fibers Today!

Does the Product Have a Money Back Guarantee?

Of course! As with the Scientia Derma Roller and Hair Laser devices, we offer a results-based money back guarantee. The hair fibers WILL reduce the visibility of your balding patches or thinning areas, or your money back.

Is This Product Unsuitable for Anyone?

Scientia Hair Fibres are designed to thicken thinning hair. Should your scalp be completely bald, without even any ultra thin villus hairs, there will be nothing for the product to stick to. If you have very thin hair, that’s OK – it is only totally bald areas which cannot benefit from the undetectable coverage which the fibers provide.

“I have a strain of Lupus that caused me to lose an awful lot of hair. Scientia Hair Fibers made me look like the same woman I was 10 years ago. I am the same woman again with much more confidence, thanks to you!”
Brittany Haley – Vancouver, BC

What Colours are the Hair Fibers Available In?

Scientia Hair Fibers are available in the following colours: Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Blonde, Auburn and Grey.

Black Hair FibersDark Brown Hair FibersMedium Brown Hair FibersLight Brown Hair FibersBlonde Hair FibersAuburn Hair FibersGrey Hair Fibers

How Long Does a Bottle of Hair Fibers Last?

How long a bottle of Hair Fibers lasts depends upon how much coverage an individual requires, but each 25g bottle should last a minimum of 45 to 50 days, and perhaps as long as 65 days. We approximate 45 to 65 applications per 25 gram container or hair fibers, depending on the extent of the user’s hair thickening needs.

Where Do You Ship To?

We ship worldwide, and dispatch the same day if ordered on a weekday by 3 PM. UK hair fibres customers should receive their products the next day. European hair fibres customers should receive their order within 2 to 3 days, and hair fibers customers in the USA and the rest of the world should receive their order within 5 days.

Do You Offer an Auto Ship Program?

Yes, we do. You may purchase your Scientia Hair Fibers on a 50 day auto ship program for significant discounts. Alternatively, just purchase as and when you need to replenish your stock.

“Since I started using Scientia Hair Fibers, I don’t think about my hair loss, and my self-esteem and confidence has increased tenfold”
James Kan – Burlington, ON

How Do I Buy Scientia Hair Fibers?

Don’t put up with hair loss any longer!

Simply click on the button below to order Scientia Hair Fibers right away. Free Worldwide Shipping is included. Then, feel free to visit our Scientia Hair Laser page, or learn more about the hair restoration effects of the Scientia Derma Roller.

Get your own Scientia Hair Fibers Today!

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