Jul 17
“Incredible! The One Minute Hair Makeover That Can Make You Look 10 Years Younger! – Keratin Hair Building Fibre”

Keratin Hair Building Fibre Before and After

Whilst you wait for your hair loss reversing solution to take effect (either the Scientia Hair Laser or Scientia Scalp Roller), you can now look like you have a significantly greater head of hair in under a minute. Furthermore, with Keratin Hair Building Fibre, no one will notice that the hair isn’t yours – even when up close.

Improve your confidence and feel fantastic about yourself with Keratin Hair Building Fibre!

Scientia Hair Loss Fibers are a wonder of the latest science. They are tiny fibers of 100% pure organic keratin which sticks itself to your own hair with an electrostatic charge to mix seamlessly and undetectably with your own hair.

YouTube Keratin Hair Building Fibre Video Preview Image

Your hair will instantly seem more dense, with a lot less scalp visibility – making you to appear up to ten years younger. The fantastic part is, because these microscopic hair building fibers are completely natural organic keratin, the colour can not leak out, run or stain.

Scientia hair fibers are resistant to wind, rain, sweat or many other usual daily activities. You simply sprinkle it onto your head when you style your hair in the morning, use the specially formulated hair fiber fixing spray and the effect will last for the rest of the day.

Right away you will see a dramatic increase in volume, density and coverage of your thinning and balding areas.

Keratin Hair Building Fibre Before and After photographs

This innovative product is suitable for both men and women and comes in seven different colours in order to blend in flawlessly with your own hair colour.

So whether you suffer from thinning hair, male pattern baldness, premature hair loss, receding hairline or a bald spot, Scientia Hair Building Fibres provide an ideal cosmetic solution.

But don’t just take our word for it, read what other users of our hair thickener had to say:

“It was as if I had a hair transplant in 15 seconds! Simply Amazing”
Jonathan Baard – Toronto, ON

“I am downright ecstatic that Scientia Hair Building Fibers do exactly what you say. It was so easy to use; the results were immediate and amazing. My thinning hair was completely reversed before my eyes, and no one was able to tell the difference”
Victor Jones – Brampton, ON.

“I have been using Scientia Hair Fibers for the past few weeks, I can’t believe how easy it is to use and how spectacular the results are. It takes me 30 seconds every morning, and the results last all day!”
Mike Oswald – Newmarket, ON

“Scientia transformed me into a new person, after just one application. I am so glad that I have this brilliant product to change my outlook on my life”
Mark Walters – Mississauga, ON

Keratin Hair Building Fibre Before and After photographs

How do I use Keratin Hair Building Fibre?

To use Scientia Hair Building Fibres, simply hold the container above the spot you wish to cover and shake it gently. In only seconds, countless colour matched hair replacement fibers will bond securely to your existing hair follicles. Even the fine villus hairs (which are almost invisible usually) will attract a layer of of electrostatically charged hair replacement fibers, making them look to be normal hair. Shake the container 4 to 5 inches above your hair.

Apply Scientia Hair Fibers

You can now style your hair as you would ordinarily. To lock the Thickening Fibre in place, you may use the Scientia hair holding mist we provide for use with the fibers. Your usual type of hairspray could possibly also work, but our hair fiber fixing mist is specially designed to give the most natural results.

Scientia Replacement Fibres will attach themselves so immovably that they will remain affixed throughout the day, even in the most powerful wind. Playing sport won’t pose any problem either, as the hair fibres are impervious to sweat and rain. To remove your Hair Building Fibres, just wash them away with any regular shampoo.

Get  your  own Scientia Hair Fibers Today!

So, are Scientia Replacement Fibers safe?

Yes! Our 100% natural keratin formulation will never itch your scalp or cause any other problems. Your own hair consists of keratin protein, and putting on the Scientia Hair Fibers is undetectable to your scalp.

Is it possible for hair building fibers affect my real hair growth?

Using Hair Fibers will not interfere with hair growth at all! Keratin hair fibers aid the use of any hair thickening device by concealing the thinning areas whilst your existing hair is actually being repaired over time. We recommend that you use a Scientia Derma Roller or Scientia Hair Laser for the process of hair repair treatment and then Hair Thickening Fibers to look and feel confident while you wait for your hair to thicken.

There have been over 2500 clinical trials carried out showing positive results for low-level laser therapy, so the Scientia Hair Laser is without question the ideal match for Scientia Hair Fibers if you want instant and continuing results.

What happens if the Scientia Hair Thickening Fibers get on my clothes?

Scientia Hair Fibres are very simple to use and should not get on your clothes. But even if that happens, you can simply brush them off with your hands and watch them disappear without any evidence of being there.

Keratin Hair Building Fibre Before and After photographs

Will there be a problem if my hair gets wet, because of rain or snow?

The moment that the Scientia Hair Building Fibers have been applied, the statically charged fibres grab on tight to your actual hair. As a result, violent wind, strong rain or even snow cannot make them stain, dissolve or become detectable in any other way. Just wash the hair fibres out when necessary.

Get  your  own Scientia Hair Fibers Today!

Is it the same for exercise?

It is. Sweat or vigorous activity will not make the Scientia Hair Fibers come out, stain, or become detectable in any way.

What if I want to sleep with Scientia Hair Thickening Fibers still in my hair?

You may. That won’t cause an issue in any way. You could possiby find a tiny amount of fibers on your pillow, but simply dust them off with your hands and they will disappear.

Keratin Hair Building Fibre Before and After photographs

Could I run my hands through my hair?

Feel free! Scientia Hair Fibres disperse evenly into your hair, wherever you have applied them. Once they have stuck with your hair and you have them affixed with the Scientia Locking Spray, sweeping your hands through your hair will not displace them.

Is There Anything That Can Make Scientia Hair Fibres Detectable?

In our experience, you can see a head treated with Scientia Hair Fibres even as close as a few inches away and still you cannot tell that it isn’t real, ordinary hair. Even your hairdresser or barber won’t be able to tell. One of the members of our team is a former West-End and Central London Hair Stylist, and she was astonished at how authentic the effect was. So much so in fact, that she wasn’t able to see that it wasn’t real hair!

Male Hair Loss Before and After Scientia Hair Thickening Fibers

Is the Scientia Hair Fiber product Unique?

Beware of poor-quality knock-offs which consist of cheaper materials rather than 100% natural keratin. Some hair thickening fibre products contain rayon, cotton, nylon or other non-keratin materials. Most of these are known to irritate your scalp, or the colour can run. If you hope to have healthier, fuller-looking hair with realistic volume and no noticeable product, you should always select Scientia Hair Fibers.

Also take care not to be swindled by 10g or 12.5g bottles – we supply Scientia Hair Fibers in 25g containers so that you can get more product for your money.

Can I expect a Scientia Hair Building Fibres money back guarantee?

There is. As with our Scientia Derma Rollers and Scientia Hair Laser, we offer a results-based money back guarantee. The Scientia hair fibres will lessen the visibility of your receding areas, or your money back.

Could this product be unsuitable for anyone?

The Scientia Hair Fiber product has been made to thicken thinning hair. If your scalp is utterly hairless, and it doesn’t have some degree of fine villus hairs, then there will be no anchor for the Scientia Hair Fibres to stick to. If your hair is very thin, that is still OK. It is only utterly bald areas which cannot have perfect invisible coverage.

“I have a strain of Lupus that caused me to lose an awful lot of hair. Scientia Hair Fibers made me look like the same woman I was 10 years ago. I am the same woman again with much more confidence, thanks to you!”
Brittany Haley – Vancouver, BC

How many different colours of of hair building fibers are available?

The following Scientia Hair Fiber colors are available: Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Blonde, Auburn and Grey.

Black Hair FibersDark Brown Hair FibersMedium Brown Hair FibersLight Brown Hair FibersBlonde Hair FibersAuburn Hair FibersGrey Hair Fibers

How long should a container of Scientia Hair Fibers last?

For obvious reasons, that will depend upon how much coverage is needed for each individual, but each 25 gram container is expected to last at least 50 days but for potentially as long as 65 days. We approximate 45 to 65 applications per 25 gram container of Scientia Hair Loss Fibers depending on the extent of the hair loss.

Get  your  own Scientia Hair Fibers Today!

Where do you supply to?

We ship worldwide, and mail orders the same day if ordered on a weekday by 3 PM. UK hair fibers customers should take delivery of their the next day, European hair fibers customers should receive their goods within 2 to 3 days, USA hair fibers customers (and all other countries) should get their items within 5 days.

Do you offer an auto ship program?

Absolutely. Purchase your goods on a 30 day auto ship program for serious savings. If you prefer, you can, just order when you need to replenish your supply.

“Since I started using Scientia Hair Fibers, I don’t think about my hair loss, and my self-esteem and confidence has increased tenfold”
James Kan – Burlington, ON

How do I buy Scientia Hair Loss Fibers?

Don’t just accept your thinning patches any longer!

Just click on the images below to purchase Scientia Hair Thickener Fibers right now. Free Worldwide Shipping is included. After which, feel free to visit our Scientia Hair Laser page or find out about the hair restoration benefits of the Scientia Derma Roller.

Get your own Scientia Hair Fibers Today!

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