Mar 21

The Trouble with Balding Hair

Thinning hair is one of the most common aesthetic dilemmas faced by people today. For both men and women, hairloss can make each person going through the process of it feel miserable. A lot of people go for a simple solution, like a wig or toupee. But these are short-term solutions and are not actually that effective. There are more effective products to be found which may be of interest, for instance; Keratin Hair Building Fibers.

Look Instantly Younger with Hair Fibres

Hair Fibres – A Brilliant New Product

One of the newest options available are hair building fibers. These are 100% natural keratin fibers, that look just like actual hair. The minuscule hair particles are electrostatically charged and lock themselves tightly to the thinning hair on the scalp. The electro-static linking the particles to the hair stems keeps them bound through wind, rain and all regular day by day tasks or chores. This is further improved by using the supplementary locking mist we stock, which is similar to hair spray.

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This hair fiber locking mist is designed to be used directly after using the keratin fibers to make them last all day. The long-lasting effects take just 30 seconds to put on, and at the end of the day, can be gently washed out in the shower with normal shampoo. These fibers are simple to use, and can be used by both men and women. Hair fibres do not mark clothes or bed linens, and when used alongside locking mist, can even withstand having hands run through them. The fibers are supplied in a range of colours, suitable for all hair types and looks. One essential detail to remember is that these fibres should be applied to dry hair only.

The Science Behind Hair Fibres

The hair building fibers are created from 100 per cent pure keratin, the organic protein found in hair, skin and fingernails. The fibers are miniscule, and treated to enhance the electric charge, allowing them to bond with the hair. Also, the bottles in which the fibres are packaged are fabricated from a sophisticated polymer which has the ability to improve electrostatic charge in the particles each time the bottle is moved.

Hair Fibres Storyboard

The hair building fibres offer immediate effects. They cannot generate actual hair (a feat which is possible with the Scientia Hair Laser or the Scientia Derma Roller), but hide the appearance of hair loss by allowing your natural hair appear thicker, fuller and with a more superior scalp coverage. These fibers stay bound even through heavy wind and rain and are impossible to differentiate from genuine hair, even when up close. Additionally, due to the fact that the fibers are available in a vast range of colours, the Keratin Hair Building Fibers can be used with any hair type.

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Hair Fibres – Give Them a Go!

The hair building fibres are cost effective, and also an easy way to make your hair look thicker. What makes them so remarkable is the ease of use with which they can be applied. People around the world are using this product in their everyday life and are totally thrilled with the outcome. So if you are feeling unhappy with your hair, visit!

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